Опубликована статья Болотновой Р.Х., Топольникова А.С., Коробчинской В.А.


Bolotnova R., Topolnikov A., Korobchinskaya V.
Modeling an explosive liquid outflow from high pressure thin tubes and nozzles // Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2016. Vol.  851, P. 377–382.

Abstract. To describe the explosive flow in thin tubes the model of vapor-liquid mixture with heat
and mass transfer in two-dimensional axisymmetric formulation is employed. The phase
transformation is significantly amplified with increasing of initial saturation temperature. The radial
expansion of the jet outflow occurs due to the intensification of vaporization from cylindrical to
conical form and parabolic form for supercritical initial state. Another problem applied to the outflow
of a detonation wave in liquid filled with chemically active gas bubbles from the thin cylindrical tube.
Modeling shows the important role of the opening angle of the outflow jet, which can either support
the detonation or put it down.

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.851.377